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Contracted Out Insolvency Services, Accountant in Bankruptcy

The Accountant In Bankruptcy (AiB) invested in a web-based system called the “Contracted Out Insolvency Service” web portal (COIS), to enable essential change in the electronic processes of case work issued to and received from external accountancy practitioners. The initial phase of this development went live in December 2010.

The COIS system’s main function is to allow external accountancy practitioners to capture, manage and report upon insolvency cases allocated following court orders to sequestrate individuals and businesses within Scotland and to submit accounts and management information to AiB. This is a financial system that deals with around 3,500 new cases per year and controls information relating to assets, expenses and fees.

There are 2 distinct user teams here – internal AiB administrative case workers and external case workers employed by some of Scotland’s largest accountancy firms.

Property Factors Registry, The Scottish Government

The Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 aims to protect homeowners by providing minimum standards for property factors. All provisions of the Act came into force on 1 October 2012 and apply to all residential property and land managers whether they are private sector businesses, local authorities or housing associations.

Cruise Technologies was invited to design, develop and implement an ICT system which would manage the. To date the system has catalouged in excess of a quater of a million addresses throughout Scotland.

Debt Arrangement Scheme, Accountant in Bankruptcy

The Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) is a government controlled scheme that allows debtors who are struggling to service their current financial commitments, the ability to have their debts aggregated and consolidated into one lump sum, with interest, fees and charges frozen. The main aim of DAS is to reduce the number of bankruptcies in Scotland. The DAS scheme offers debtors protection against creditor recovery action..

The DAS portal we implemented has a wide reaching user base (within 2 years from going live, there were thousands of registered users). The user base can be split into 6 main groups:-

  • Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) case management staff
  • Debtors
  • Creditors (including all the major banks, building societies and credit/store card agencies
  • Registered Private money advisors (accountancy firms, financial services firms)
  • Registered Public money advisors (Citizen’s Advice, local authorities)
  • Payment distributers (financial services firms)

Money advisors will act as debtor agents to assess their eligibility for the DAS scheme before cases are created and payment plans submitted to creditors for their approval. Creditors can log into the portal to accept or reject new repayment proposals or raise missed payment alerts. AiB staff have full visibility of all cases and can manage disputes and report on case details. Payment distributers are alerted to new payment instructions to set up and are responsible for taking the single payment amount and allocating it to creditors (based on details calculated by the system).

The system currently services around 13,000 DAS cases with over £100 million in registered debt records.

Security Vetting System, The Scottish Government

This is a case management system for The Scottish Government’s Office of Security and Information Assurance (OSIA) branch to enable the management of security vetting cases. Vetting is carried out for staff from central Scottish Government, associated public sector agencies, private contractors and staff supplied by private sector organisations

The main functions of the system are to:-

  • Manage ‘baseline’ security checks against individuals
  • Manage national security checks against individuals
  • Maintain lists of external agencies
  • Maintain nationality check parameters
  • Manage and report on details of passes issued
  • Maintain and manage fees and fee rates associated with vetting and pass production
  • Link to corporate data sources for personnel details
  • Deliver management reports
  • Alert users to current tasks using workflow controls

The Security Vetting system is hosted in a secured environment and is accessible only to Scottish Government staff.


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