Case Management

Gold man sending emailCase management systems usually involve a main entity that undergoes a series of work tasks where data is collected and worked upon until a final conclusion is reached. Simple systems might require only a single business user to manage the case load, whereas more complex systems will allow multiple users with varying access and processing rights.

Many organisations deal with case work. Examples include management of legal, medical, planning, financial or personnel data. You could argue that case management activities can be applied to any situation where data collection via forms is applied.

Cruise Technologies are Case Management System experts. Using our own, unique case management code generating software, we have delivered a variety of these systems.

We have built systems that run within secure intranet zones and service internal business units right up to enterprise level systems that allow multiple external organisations and members of the public to each play their part in the process. Data and content can be delivered depending on participating user and organisation rights and public facing views of data have been created and delivered via separate but tightly coupled web sites.

We have a deep understanding of what our clients will need when they talk to us about the potential to make their business more efficient by commissioning a case management system. Some of the most important functionality we provide comes as standard with every system we deliver:-

  • A proven and intiutive user interface
  • Full Admin Tools including user and group maintenance with granularity to specify new groups with access to individual menus and data items
  • A fully configurable context sensitive help system to allow admin users to direct help at individual page and field level
  • Efficient document upload and download
  • Individual user and group directed workflow
  • The ability to export any list or report to Excel, Word or XML formats
  • Full audit trail detailing insert, update and delete information linked to user names
  • Message broadcasting service using expiry dates and visibility flags to keep users informed with pertinent information
  • User configurable system parameters to allow the customisation of various built in and bespoke system settings
  • Database metrics and house keeping functionality to keep a check on data file sizes
  • Standard administrative and basic user guides to explain how to operate the system
  • A fully configurable lookup data maintenance menu
  • Server event log views of application messages and unexpected errors.

All of our systems are built with change in mind. We understand how legislative and business requirements can change and we ensure our systems can adapt with the minimum of developer intervention. Our systems are secure and comply with WC3 AA accessibility.

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