About Us

Growth and ExpansionCruise Technologies was founded in June 2010 by Christopher Nesbitt and Martin Robertson with an objective to deliver high quality ICT systems and consultancy services that ensure our clients maximise their return on ICT investment.

Our intelligent approach to software development means 90% of our source code is generated by our in house code generator.

Our primary focus centers around delivering secure web enabled case handling systems. During this process, we start by deploying technical resources to analyse business requirements and to ensure each new system is as streamlined and efficient as possible. The next step is to undergo rapid application development, generating code from a relational data model. This phase involves releasing frequent prototype versions of the software for client feedback as their system evolves.

Cruise Technologies approach to testing is similar to that of our software development. Our clients are included to ensure the final product is exactly as they need it to be. Our technical team will remain on site for the full duration of this process to provide guidance and updates where necessary. We call this 'Joint Testing'. This is, in our view, the most efficient way to conclude a successful test phase.

We are also experienced in recovering projects that are disoriented and are deemed highly unlikely to fulfill their original objectives. In these cases, we employ our code generator to accelerate software development, reduce test effort and bring the plan and delivery date back into focus.

Our portfolio includes the delivery of brand new systems, replacement of existing systems that had reached the end of their natural life and the migration of desktop database or spreadsheet based systems to enable far greater user reach.

We have a professional and respected approach to ICT delivery and consultancy and you can be confident that each and every one of our employees will ensure that your expectations are met in full. We are in no doubt that you will both enjoy and benefit from any interaction you have with us.

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